MN GhostBox Web Series Premiere!!!

MN GhostBox – The Palmer House Investigation Part One:

This investigation took place the night of October 18th ending the morning of October 19th 2015. Greg and Nicole visit The Palmer House hotel to do an investigation. In this episode, they meet Char and Cara as they give the history on the hotel and the background on the rooms Greg and Nicole will be investigating: Annie’s room, Lucy’s Room and the mysterious Snowman room in the basement. After they get the history and background on the hotel, Nicole and Greg begin their investigation in Lucy’s room where they start getting spirit box responses immediately. At the end of this episode, there is a trailer for the second part of this investigation released on April 14th. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

This is MNGhostBox.

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