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GhostBox Radio is a radio show that is hosted by Greg Bakun on digital radio network KCOR out of Las Vegas NV. The show started off on, spent a couple of years on Para-X and now we are fortunate to be on KCOR. The show talks about a wide variety of topics in the Paranormal, Bigfoot, UFOs, miracle and whatever else. Greg has been known to devote entire shows to his philosophies on the Paranormal and share some of his favorite spirit box evidence.

GhostBox Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST. At, you can join in the chatroom, use Skype or call in to be a part of the conversation.

This page is the home of the archived episodes of the radio series. The links below are from KCOR. Please come back and listen. The guests have been awesome and informative. It’s just some really amazing insight on the world of the Paranormal.

Below are the episodes with newest on top and the oldest at the bottom. You can click to listen to the episode or download it.

Upcoming Guests:

July 25th: Spirit Box Evidence with Greg Bakun

August 1st: Forepaugh’s Restaurant Investigation

Archived Episodes:

Episode 21 – Brach Morin 7/18/18

This week we were excited for the return of Brach Morin! If you are a fan of the Paranormal, you maybe want to know how you can see what other Paranormal investigators are doing besides the folks on TV. Brach has spent years, literally years, developing his site Ghost After Life TV. It’s not only to see what other investigators are doing but how you as an investigator can share your work. We also had a discussion on the concept of Para-Unity and does it really exist?

To go to Brach’s site:

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Brach Morin! Enjoy!

Episode 20 – Rich Newman 6/27/18

This week we spoke with Rich Newman, Author of Ghosts of the Civil War! Based in Tennessee, Rich Newman has been investigating the paranormal for over ten years and is the founder of the group Paranormal Inc. His articles have appeared in Haunted Times and Paranormal Underground. Tonight we talk about his book through Llewellyn Publishing Ghosts of the Civil War. It was a fantastic conversation.

To purchase Rich’s book, please click on this LINK.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Rich Newman! Enjoy!

Episode 19 – Tony Spera 6/20/18

We couldn’t wait to have a conversation with Tony Spera! Tony is the son-in-law to Ed & Lorraine Warren, Director of The New England Society for Psychic Research, Curator of Warren Occult Museum and is the owner of the infamous Annabelle doll. How do we fit this conversation into one hour? We couldn’t! We will have him back but we did talk a lot about all things paranormal, including Annabelle!

To check out what Tony and The New England Society for Psychic Research are doing or how you could see Annabelle, check out:

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Tony Spera! Enjoy!

Episode 18 – Kenny Biddle 6/13/18

This week we were thrilled to be talking with Kenny Biddle. Kenny Biddle wrote an article for his blog, I am Kenny Biddle, called Demon House Deconstructed. After attempting to contact the producers of the documentary in February, GhostBox Radio’s Greg Bakun decided to devote an episode to Kenny’s article and also an opportunity to hear what our listeners thought of the film starring Zak Bagans.
Kenny Biddle is a science enthusiast and skeptical investigator of paranormal claims. He’s been involved in photography for over twenty years and applies his knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills to analyzing alleged paranormal photographs and video to determine the most plausible causes. His work investigating ghostly experiences, methodology, and “ghost hunting” gadgets has been featured in several skeptical publications, including the website of the Center for Inquiry. We want opinions on the documentary whether you liked it or not.

The blog article can be found here:…/…/demon_house_deconstructed

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Kenny Biddle! Enjoy!

Episode 17 – Stephanie Burke 6/6/18

This week we were thrilled to be talking with Stephanie Burke. Stephanie has been very intuitive since she was a young child, having the gift passed down from previous generations. She has been able to see, hear, feel, and communicate with the other side for as long as she can remember. Having this gift, and growing up in a spiritually active historical home, she thought being surrounded by such energies was in fact normal. Because of this, she developed a love and curiosity for the paranormal and explores it any chance she gets. Stephanie now uses this gift to help others understand that death doesn’t mean the end, but rather a beginning to a new chapter. Along with her mediumship, she’s been practicing Reiki for 10 years. Helping others heal, relax, and regain balance to their energy is what she truly enjoys through her work. You can listen to Stephanie live on Saturday nights as she co-hosts WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast Radio. Stephanie has made appearances on TLC’s Kindred Spirits, Destination America, and Syfy Channels.This was an amazing hour!

To schedule time with Stephanie for a Reiki session, one of her classes or see where she will be appearing, go to:

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Stephanie Burke! Enjoy!

Episode 16 – Barry Strohm 5/30/18

We were really excited to be talking with Author Barry Strohm​ who wrote the book, “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”, the author channels the actual spirits that lived the events to bring the reader the truth behind 27 of the greatest conspiracies and mysteries of our times. We talked about what he found out when channeling the spirits of some of our most influential figures in history to see what took place in some of the most mysterious conspiracies we have known. Among an hour of extremely interesting conversation, perhaps the most interesting is when Barry spoke about waking up to a Reptilian staring at him. Definitely worth listening to this episode and listening to Barry!

Check out Barry’s site:

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Barry Strohm! Enjoy!

Episode 15 – Sasha Klanott 5/23/18

This week we were thrilled to be talking with Sasha Klanott who is Host of Haunted Bourbon ParaCon and Half Past Dead and Founder of Paranormal Dolls. Sasha has been seen on travel channel’s “Legends of Alaska” and is Author of “Liability Of A Paranormal Team”. Sasha speaks at conventions to help educate others what she has and still learns. She believes it is vital to teach correct and new information in order to raise the field as a whole. She is always accompanied by her sweet Service Dog Captain Jack! When not Investigating she is a model and crochets items for Para Plushies her own crochet business and always researching.

Links to her social media channels:

Haunted Burbon

Paranormal Siren

Paranormal Pup

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Sasha Klanott! Enjoy!


Episode 14 – Gigi Zinkhon 5/16/18

We talked to Georgianne Zinkhon. Gigi works at the Bellaire House Tours, LLC. We are going to talk with her about the history of the house and why so many people want to investigate it! What kind of Paranormal activity lurks in the corners of this house. The Bellaire House has been featured on such networks as Lifetime and Destination America, and Bio in such series as Paranormal Lockdown and My Ghost Story.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Gigi Zinkhon! Enjoy!



Episode 13 – Robert Murch 5/09/18

This week we talked Ouija boards! Robert Murch is the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija and Talking Boards and serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Talking Board Historical Society which he founded. His bizarre relationship with Ouija began after watching Kevin Tenney’s Witchboard in 1986, a century after the talking board made its debut. Murch purchased his first antique Ouija board in 1992, and became obsessed with unraveling the mystery of its origins. Since then he’s devoted his life to researching the history of the Ouija board and its founders, with Murch often traveling the world to track down descendants of all those involved with the introduction of the mystifying oracle. Murch is great and please call in and ask all sorts of questions!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Murch! Enjoy!

Episode 12 – Ken Boggle 5/02/18

This week we talked to Ken Boggle and about his work with Tarot Cards. Ken has opened Tarot By Ken, LLC. and reads Tarot for people all over the world. Ken has his own Radio show and has been a guest on several others. He has read for several celebrities including Kim Russo, The Happy Medium. Ken has performed for such groups as the KY Derby Eve Party, Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Coal River Children’s Advocacy Center and ScareFest, the largest Horror and Paranormal convention in the United States. Ken shares his unique Tarot skills with people from India to California; many of whom say that readings with Ken have changed their lives. While Ken has had great success in his predictions and forecasting, his personal goal is to bring his clients to their ultimate happiness. Call in and talk with Ken! It’s going to be great hour.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Ken Boggle! Enjoy!

Episode 11 – Bill & Karissa Hartley 4/25/18

This week we were thrilled to talk to Bill Hartley from Ghosts of Shepherdstown and Psychic Medium/Paranormal Investigator Karissa Fleck. Bill Karissa Hartley Bill Hartley and Karissa Fleck have devoted their lives to the Paranormal helping others understand and deal with it. Bill Hartley is seen on the highly acclaimed Destination America TV series, The Ghosts of Shepherdstown, along with Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint. Bill has been investigating the Paranormal for over 15 years starting back in his days as a Civil War re-enactor. Bill loves helping others understand the unknown.
Karissa Fleck has been featured on such radio shows as Coast to Coast AM as a renown Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator. Karissa gets so involved with her investigations that it is not unheard of for her to move into the haunted location and immerse herself into the investigation day and night for weeks or months at a time to document the activity. Karissa’s evidence has even gone viral as people want to see some of the activity in the haunted locations Karissa has visited.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Bill & Karissa Hartley! Enjoy!

Episode 10 – Michael Hexum 4/11/18

This week we talked to Bigfoot No-Kill Hunter and Researcher Michael Hexum. Living in Northern Minnesota in a cabin he built back in 1978, Michael has been a Hunting Guide and a Bigfoot Researcher for over 30 years. In fact he has seen 2 of them over the years with one being just 30 yards away! People call Michael a Bigfoot Hunter but he is adamant that he is a no-kill hunter. Michael is currently a member of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team and has been on radio shows, countless newspaper interviews and even did most of the guide work for an episode of Finding Bigfoot which featured Remer MN. Michael’s research is ongoing in the study of all things Bigfoot.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Michael Hexum! Enjoy!

Episode 09 – Connie Willis 4/04/18

This week we talked to Connie Willis. Connie will be known to many of you as guest host for Coast to Coast AM and also hosts her own YouTube channel Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis. There, Connie hosts an interactive YouTube Channel full of intriguing interviews, out-of-the-box happenings and lots of interesting conversations! Connie enjoys digging deep into mysteries surrounding the inexplicable effects and synchronicity of events related to UFO and extraterrestrial encounters as well as anything outside the range of normal human knowledge or scientific explanation including time travel, cryptozoology, telepathy, Mayan culture, crop circles, the after life, ghosts, hybrids, radionics, psychic spies, super soldiers, and other esoteric topics. Due to her passion to know the truth, she researches these strange anomalies, attempting to connect the dots and find the answer. We are going to have a fun conversation!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Connie Willis! Enjoy!

Episode 08 – Private Session w/ Greg Bakun 3/28/18

This week I invited you to take part in a Paranormal discussion with me. I  played some of my spirit box evidence I have received over the years, talking about places I have investigated, the web series, and of course MN GhostBox. Who wants to hear me talk for an hour straight? That’s why I encourage listener participation! Call in, write in, and ask questions. We celebrate all things paranormal!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with some spirit box evidence! Enjoy!



Episode 07 – Rev. Neal Farley 3/21/18

We were honored to have Rev. Neal Farley as our guest. He is an Ordained Minister, Demonologist and Spiritual Counselor. Rev. Farley will do house blessings and personal blessings for individuals or families in spiritual trouble. He handles hauntings, poltergeists, Demonic possessions, unwanted spirits and spiritual counseling. And guess what? We are going to talk about all of this!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Rev! Enjoy!



Episode 06 – Dean McMurray 3/14/18

We were very excited to have The Military Medium – Psychic Medium Dean McMurray as guest on the show. People from across the globe, especially those who have been touched by the military, are drawn to him for readings and personal guidance. Described as “spooky accurate,” Dean has helped hundreds of clients connect with their loved ones and receive messages of hope, love, peace, healing and inspiration. He did some readings LIVE on the air with our listeners which is worth a listen to hear how accurate he was on our show.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Dean McMurray! Enjoy!



Episode 05 – Brach Morin 3/07/18

We were very excited to have our friend Brach Morin as guest on the show. It will be a great conversation talking to Brach because he is very upbeat about the Paranormal field and also has a lot of good things going on we want to talk with him about on the show. Brach is currently doing killer design work for other Paranormal teams, he wants to talk to us about Ghost After Life TV and also a new project he is starting to capture his Paranormal adventures. Plus we will just chat about Paranormal investigating in general.

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Brach Morin! Enjoy!

Episode 04 – Bruce Tango 2/28/18

This week we were THRILLED to have as our guest Bruce Tango who has appeared numerous times on the hit SyFy series Ghost Hunters. We will be talking about an upcoming event he will be appearing at in March at The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant & Pub with his son Dave Tango & fellow “Ghost Hunters” team member Steve Gonsalves and also Psychic Medium Tiffany Johnson. There is a lot more toBruce than the Paranormal. Bruce is a highly decorated retired Police Officer from Elizabth, NJ. We are going to talk about his highly decorated career and of course ghosts. How much can we cram into an hour? Well, tune in and find out!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Bruce Tango! Enjoy!

Episode 03 – Scott Michaels 2/21/18

This week our guest was “old Hollywood” aficionado Scott Michaels! Our host Greg has a wonderfully morbid curiosity about Hollywood’s past and so does Scott. Scott runs a lot of tours on the subject in LA under the banner Dearly Departed Tours plus he runs this incredible website

which details how some of our favorite movie and TV stars died including some color commentary about them to boot! You may think this sounds tasteless but I dare you to spend 20 minutes on that site and not get hooked!

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Scott Michaels! Enjoy!

Episode 02 – Robert Robinson 2/14/18

This week our guest was Legend Tripper Robert Robinson! Robert is the author to the amazing book “Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure”. The hour will be spent not just talking about the book but all about the adventures Robert and his family go on not only in the realm of Cryptozoology but in Ufology and with ghosts. It’s going to be incredible.


Click HERE to listen to our episode with Robert Robinson! Enjoy!


Episode 01 – Andrea Perron 2/07/18

GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun premieres THIS WEDNESDAY LIVE on KCOR! Our first guest will be Andrea Perron! Andrea Perron is the author of “House of Darkness House of Light”, a supernatural trilogy which is the true story behind the 2013 feature film “The Conjuring”. She has also co-authored the historically-based mystery / thriller “IN A FLICKER” with George R. Lopez. In her frequent travels, she lectures about spirituality, metaphysics and all phenomena considered paranormal, concentrating her research in Ufology, a lifelong curiosity and fascination. It is her passion, bearing new fruit in recent years.


Click HERE to listen to our episode with Andrea Perron! Enjoy!