We were really excited to be talking with Author Barry Strohm​ who wrote the book, “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”, the author channels the actual spirits that lived the events to bring the reader the truth behind 27 of the greatest conspiracies and mysteries of our times. We talked about what he found out when channeling the spirits of some of our most influential figures in history to see what took place in some of the most mysterious conspiracies we have known. Among an hour of extremely interesting conversation, perhaps the most interesting is when Barry spoke about waking up to a Reptilian staring at him. Definitely worth listening to this episode and listening to Barry!

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Ep 19This is a unique story about Matt whose Alien encounter is different from most people. Matt was not abducted but literally accidentally ran inside a spaceship when he was 14. There, he had the most profound experience of his life. This is an incredible story that was amazing to hear and listeners love it. Below are a set of pics of the models he has created from his experience to help us visually see his detailed account.

I personally believe Matt’s story and want to help him achieve his goal of building the propulsion unit he had seen as a kid. Listen to his story with an open mind; it is very authentic and plausible. If you want to listen to previous episodes of MN GhostBox radio, you can do so on or Para-X Radio Page.

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