Ep 19This is a unique story about Matt whose Alien encounter is different from most people. Matt was not abducted but literally accidentally ran inside a spaceship when he was 14. There, he had the most profound experience of his life. This is an incredible story that was amazing to hear and listeners love it. Below are a set of pics of the models he has created from his experience to help us visually see his detailed account.

I personally believe Matt’s story and want to help him achieve his goal of building the propulsion unit he had seen as a kid. Listen to his story with an open mind; it is very authentic and plausible. If you want to listen to previous episodes of MN GhostBox radio, you can do so on or Para-X Radio Page.

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Ep 18We are pleased to have as our guest Bishop James Long. Bishop Long has been featured on many television programs “The Possessed”, “The Haunted Boy”, “Spooked” and of course “Ghost Adventures”. Not only does Bishop Long holds the position of Arch Bishop for the United States Old Catholic Church but he is a revered Demonologist. He offers courses on Demonology and much of our hour will be spent discussing his work in Demonology.

Many people who listened to this episode told me it went by way too fast because the conversation was pretty incredible. Don’t believe me? Then check out the episode! We are especially pleased that Bishop Long gave his time because it was a late night for him and he hasn’t mentioned elsewhere that being on MN GhostBox may be the only radio show he does this year. As much of an honor as that is for us, we hope he does more as more people need to know about his work as a Demonologist and his other ministries he runs or takes part in that gets no recognition at all compared to his Paranormal work.  If you want to listen to previous episodes of MN GhostBox radio, you can do so on or Para-X Radio Page.

If you would like to see more of what Bishop Long is doing, there are a couple of ways.

Please go to

Bishop Long’s Demonology Course web site is:

Twitter: @bishopjlong

Just a note that on You can donate to the ministry he is a part of so they can continue to help those in need.