MN GhostBox Web Series Episode 3: The Soap Factory!

MN GhostBox – The Soap Factory Investigation Part One: The Soap Factory is such an interesting place. There was confusion on what this location used to be and what was the building used for in its early days. In this episode we explore the origins of the building that became The Soap Factory and why the area around it is so important. We talk to two investigators from The Twin Cities Paranormal Society for stories of the spirits they’ve encountered over the years including some incredible EVPs and recordings. Greg & Nicole investigated The Soap Factory on three separate occasions during 2015 and 2016 for these episodes. They speak with people who have experienced the paranormal often at The Soap Factory. More importantly, Greg & Nicole share a lot of spirit box evidence recorded in the basement of the building which is known for most of The Soap Factory’s paranormal activity.

At the end of this episode, there is a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the second part of this investigation which will be released soon. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

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