Audio Investigations

“Some believe in the existence of ghosts that haunt dwellings in the afterlife, this podcast does not prove that ghosts are real but provides evidence for people to make up their own mind. All the evidence presented here is real and genuinely obtained”

MN GhostBox started as a podcast. Well, its not really a podcast. Some people have compared the MN GhostBox podcast to MPR’s This American Life. It is an investigation on audio from start to finish. It includes all of the evidence, background and it’s highly produced. These are real investigations recorded and made into an episode. There literally is nothing like it. So, we don’t like to call it a podcast but more of an audio investigation. Three episodes were made and we really don’t think there is anything like this out there. We are very proud of these episodes and feel they hold up very well.

Please take a listen and share!

Episode 3: A Haunting at Strawberry Point

Episode 3

What started out as an investigation at the Franklin Hotel to see if we could communicate with the spirit named Lilly, the night suddenly took an unexpected turn as my friend Freddie and I end up going to a truly haunted house. Shannon’s house is haunted by spirits of her family and the night we met her she needed to get out of her house because the activity was so intense.

Although the audio recorded at the bar in the Franklin Hotel was sometimes poor, please stick with this episode. There is an abundance of communication from the spirit box and some of my favorite evidence I have ever received is in this episode. There is a lot going on in this episode.

This is my evidence and this is MN GhostBox.

Episode 2: The Morris-Jumel Mansion


This episode focuses on an investigation my friend Robert and I took on August 15th 2014 at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in New York. From the start, the mansion gives us oppressive and depressive feelings with strange things seem to happen on the premise from the moment we get there.

What seemed like, at the time, no major communication from the spirit box but nothing could be further from the truth. We even captured a couple of EVPs! We captured a lot of activity on the spirit box which some of it was directed at us but in particular directed at Robert…..

This is my evidence and this is MN GhostBox.

Episode 1: Old St. Walburga Cemetery


The first episode takes place at Old St. Walburga Cemetery in Rogers MN. In the first episode of this podcast, I go to an old cemetery that have graves that go back to the 1860s and the cemetery is still in use today. The focus of this investigation was to get any kind of communication through the spirit box. Although it was a windy day, I received quite a few good responses. Please stay around through the windy segments. There is one person’s grave that I went to that was to have a profound effect on me.

This investigation took place during the day on July 6th 2014. I recorded the on location segments on a Zoom H4N and Olympus WS-822 Digital Recorder. This first episode is short, sweet and to the point coming in just under 20 minutes. This is the best of the responses I received at the cemetery.

This is my evidence and this is MN GhostBox.