Episode 26We were really excited to to chat with members of the cast and crew Amanda Schneider, Charese McClary and Ben Heit as we hear the story from how this film was created and shot in North Dakota to how the film took the top award for Best Horror Feature Film at this year’s New York City International Film Festival. It goes beyond film making too as we talk to these our guests about the paranormal group they belong to called Unveiled Paranormal Research Society.

We spoke in great depth about the film making process as well as the challenges of working on a short film. There was great discussion about the house the film was made in and that place was haunted. We talked a lot about what Unveiled Paranormal Research Society did when they investigated the location. This was a very informative episode.

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Please check out the links for the cast and crew of Exscind we mention in the episode:

The Exscind Kickstarter page

Exscind Official Trailer

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