Spirit Box Evidence

P-SB7When Greg started MN GhostBox he was surprised to see a lot of Paranormal groups weren’t using a Spirit Box as much as he was using it. Some groups had a hard time getting any responses from it. He has worked with different groups to show them techniques to get good responses which helps him get more practice using this device. He has been told he is gifted with the responses he receives from it.

Greg will use any device from a modified radio, SCD-1, Echo Vox, P-SB11 but his favorite is a P-SB7. A lot of people don’t like to use it because of the white noise while scanning through the frequencies but Greg loves it. It’s easy for him to pick out words “floating” above the white noise. With the work he is doing, he is starting to get full sentences.

Below are some of the spirit box evidence he has obtained over the years. Sadly, some of his earliest recordings were lost in a hard drive failure in the summer of 2015.

Private Residence – November 16th 2015

This was an impromptu session that was done using a Sangean DT-200VX. I really wanted to test it because I just received it from eBay. I feel the responses are a little bit on the shock or intimidation side but I feel that is only because of the location I did the session at that evening. I know this place very well and I think these responses were purposely trying to get a rise out of me.

Go Away!

This is the first response I got out of the spirit box when I turned it on for a session. It is pretty self-explanatory.


How Many Spirit? Million

I ask the question of how many spirits are in the room (a favorite of mine) and I get the response “million” which I actually take to be sarcastic.


Like Right Now!

I ask if there are any spirits in the room right now. The response is “like right now”.



I honestly do not know if there is a spirit response or just radio. It sounds cool and wanted to share. What do you think? The term doesn’t have any relevance to me at least as far as I know.


Then You Go Away

This response “floats” above the radio. It’s oddly phrased.


You Father wants……

This is the sound of a little girl who is speaking a whole sentence from the Sangean. She starts saying “Your Father wants….” and is cut off by my voice. This is an interesting response since my Father passed away in June. I’ve had many things that have happened to me that I feel has come from him. Is this message about him? Once again, I am not in a random location so what is being said here is relevant.



St. Anthony Main MN – May 8th 2015

I go out to St. Anthony Main quite a bit. They do a tour out there called Real Ghost Tours. This area is legit for spirit communication. The amount of clear responses are incredible. Below is one night’s worth of activity captured over 30 minutes. I have a lot more from other nights that I will upload some time.

Help Me Out

This is always hard when you get a spirit to ask to help them out. We try to do the best we can to do so.


What do you want?

This is someone very clearly asking us what do we want. We are probably interrupting spirits where we were located and they wanted to do know what we were doing there.


Harmonica Notes

We captured a few harmonica notes. This is really cool because it covers multiple sweeps. There was no music or noise around us when this was captured. That being said, there has been clubs in the past that played music.


What is that for?

This is a really interestingly phrased sentence. It sounds great and perhaps a spirit was curious as to the equipment we were using and wanted to know what is was for?



In the background of the sweeping Spirit Box, you can hear a mocking laughter which was not from any of us in the room at that time.


FU Pig

This is one of my favorites. It sounds like some woman who was offended by my questions I was asking or even the fact I was done there. It’s not the first time I was sworn at nor will it be the last. Very clear and includes strong language.


That’s Cool

Everyone who works at The Real Ghost Tours thought that this clip is actually Lionel the janitor who worked there and past away just a little while ago. They say that’s his voice and this phrase is something he would say.


Follow Me

This is very clearly someone asking us to follow them. I wonder where he wanted to take us?



Private Business, Downtown Minneapolis MN – January 16th 2015

This evidence was captured in the basement of a building in downtown Minneapolis built in 1916.

What’s your name? Dave


Dave are you here? I am.

The first recording was done on the P-SB7 spirit box but this recording was while using an Echo Vox. His response is “I am” or “I’m here”.



Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca IA – October 22nd 2014

Villisca is a massive story on its own. Even after it being a year since I was there, I still haven’t gone through all of the evidence. Something attached itself to me or at least tried to attached itself.

The Name

After we spent time in the attic where the killer waited to murder everyone in the house, we got no responses. We started provoking which is something I no longer do. We are in the parent’s bedroom of the house. I keep wanting to get a name. Suddenly my name doesn’t come through the spirit box but it is just said. No one in the room said it or sounds like that voice. I said “You know my name but what is yours?” and the response I get is “Satan”. Please know that I know it is not Satan but it is very clearly said.


Six People Killed

This is an incredible piece of evidence from the spirit box and a full sentence. I forgot about it until Vicki from the Minnesota Spirit Society (we all went on this investigation) found it and send it to me. I was still asking for a name and the response was “Six People Killed.” It is absolutely incredible and I heard it when it was said live. Listen to my voice when I repeat what I heard. I was starting to get sick to my stomach with that response.




Private Residence, Strawberry Point IA – September 13th 2014

My friend Freddie and I decided to go down to Iowa to fish but also go to the Franklin Hotel to investigate as on of the room was said to be haunted. While in the bar deciding to investigate, a woman named Shannon told us her house was much more haunted and active than the hotel. We decided to go with her and that house did not disappoint. Here are a few samples of the evidence we collected.

How many spirits are in the room? Three.

This is a question I ask often as I am always curious about how many spirits are in the room we are in. I always get a response.


Freddie’s Name

Early on in the session, I introduce Freddie in the room and ask if any spirits would say his name. We get a very clear voice that says “Freddie”. It is fun to listen to the room react because none of them expected any responses from the spirit box. What is even more interesting is that after everyone reacts, another voice comes through the spirit box. It sounds like a younger girl that says “cool” which is….cool.


I’m Here

Shannon lived in the house that the whole family grew up in for generations. It was built in the 1920s. The whole night Shannon wanted to get a hold of her Grandmother and asks if she is in the room. I have my hand over the speaker as her Grandmother responds very clearly, “I’m here”. Every time I listen to this I get frustrated because it would have been crystal clear if I would have just had my hand off the speaker. That being said, it is a great response.


Jack are you here? Hold on…..no.

As well as her Grandmother, Shannon was trying to get a hold of her Grandfather. His name is Jack and she asks if Jack is is there. The response is “Hold on” and then “no”.



If you know Freddie, you would know how easy going and fun he is. Everyone loves Freddie including this spirit. Listen to his name said incredibly clear and incredibly enthusiastic.


Voices from the basement

This is one of my all-time favorite recordings. That being said, it may be easier to listen to with headphones on. Not a spirit box but we stopped the spirit box because I heard talking downstairs from where we were in the house. The first voice you hear is Freddie’s. He was hearing the same thing I was. What you are listening for is the muffled voices coming from downstairs in between the dogs barking. There was no one else in the house. It’s incredible.



The Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York NY – August 15th 2014

This mansion has been many things through its life. It started off as a home for a British officer and once the Revolutionary War was in full swing, it was the headquarters for General Washington for 3 months. This house eventually became the property of Eliza Jumel. At one point she was the richest woman in America. This investigation was one of the strangest. It was done during the day but got some amazing evidence.

Stop It

This was taken from the kitchen of the house which is located in the basement. This response came a little after we started and I believe this is the voice of Eliza Jumel herself. We got some responses from the staff in the basement but I feel this was Ms. Jumel basically telling me enough is enough.


This is one of my favorites. Robert seemed to have been affected by the investigation the whole afternoon. Just odd feelings and had seen some things. One of the responses that came through just blew me away. It’s an entire sentence that says “Go home Robert.”


Old St. Walburga Cemetery, Rogers MN – July 6th 2014

Found It
While I am walking along in the cemetery, I get an older woman telling me “Found It”. I don’t know what I found but she says it very clearly.



No Peeper
I was walking in an area that is close to my favorite building on the grounds where there are no graves but I get this response which says, “No Peeper”. It is slang from the time of when most people were buried at the cemetery. It means quit watching or no trespassing which I was.



Did you say good? No!
Towards the end of my investigation that day I stopped getting responses. I said if I didn’t get any more responses, I would be leaving to which I thought “good” came through the spirit box. This clip starts up after I thought they said good which I ask, “Did you say good?” and we get this response which sounds like multiple voices which says “No.” It is one of my favorite responses. The wind is a bit abrasive in the clip.



This is a clip of someone who tells me to “leave”. I know investigators who frown on other investigators going into cemeteries. I understand that but I still feel there is good evidence to be picked up in a cemetery. It’s just me with a spirit box. Who is to say that the person who is saying “leave” in this clip isn’t always saying it to people whether they have a device to hear it or not.



What is your name? Glen
I am always asking for names while conducting a spirit session. This is one of many times I asked that day and got the clear response of “Glen”.