This week we were thrilled to be talking with Kenny Biddle. Kenny Biddle wrote an article for his blog, I am Kenny Biddle, called Demon House Deconstructed. After attempting to contact the producers of the documentary in February, GhostBox Radio’s Greg Bakun decided to devote an episode to Kenny’s article and also an opportunity to hear what our listeners thought of the film starring Zak Bagans.
Kenny Biddle is a science enthusiast and skeptical investigator of paranormal claims. He’s been involved in photography for over twenty years and applies his knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills to analyzing alleged paranormal photographs and video to determine the most plausible causes. His work investigating ghostly experiences, methodology, and “ghost hunting” gadgets has been featured in several skeptical publications, including the website of the Center for Inquiry. We want opinions on the documentary whether you liked it or not.

The blog article can be found here: https://www.csicop.org/speciala…/…/demon_house_deconstructed

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Kenny Biddle! Enjoy!

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