“Paranormal investigation is not about chasing demons!”

Minnesota is lucky to have a strong paranormal community with many skillful and wonderful paranormal groups. MN GhostBox is proud to be a part of this community. MN GhostBox currently are made up of two people whose mission is simple: they want to help both people and spirits. Whether it is the spirits at a location or the people who are dealing with a haunting, they want to help. MN GhostBox loves this para-community and have investigated with many of these great teams in Minnesota.

Our team loves all things Paranormal, that is why we are filming a web series to showcase our work in-between our investigations. CONTACT US if there is a Paranormal case you would like to consult with us. We are not just bound to Minnesota, we are connected with well-known paranormal investigators, healers, demonologists around the country as well as any other para-professionals you need to help you. We often travel outside of Minnesota for Paranormal investigations too. So, even if you are not in Minnesota, MN GhostBox is here for you. We are always available for private investigations and house clearings in Minnesota and through out the US.

This is the MN GhostBox crew:

Greg Bakun – Lead Investigator / Founder

GregBakunGreg started to have intense dreams about doing paranormal investigations starting years ago. Nights and nights of sleep resulted in endless dreams of doing Paranormal investigations. Greg is extremely gifted at connecting with spirits through the use of his Spirit Box. The communication he has received through his gifts has been featured Paranormal radio shows and can be found in the EVIDENCE section of this site. He has been sought out by other paranormal team’s for his spirit box skill and is always looking for more places to investigate.

Greg is a producer, writer, and loves creativity. He thinks this fits in well with the Paranormal field and is focusing his energies on producing the MN GhostBox web series which sees him and Nicole travel around the country investigating historical locations and capturing all the spirit evidence for you to see. He is the host of MN GhostBox Radio which streams live every Wednesday night at 11pm EST/10pm CST/8pm PST on Para-X radio. When it’s not Paranormal, Greg loves to grill and is an expert in British television and Doctor Who. Greg writes about British television and writes Blu-ray/DVD reviews on his site From the Archive and drinks a lot of wine on a Doctor Who podcast called The Others. Greg is an avid hoodie wearer. That’s how you will recognize him.

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Nicole Haapala – Investigator / Intuitive Healer

NH3BW-2As an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner, Nicole’s connections with the unknown areas of this world have guided her to assist in many healing sessions, investigations and spiritual communications. It is because of Nicole’s strong intuition that she has the ability to connect with individuals who have ended their journey on this earth as well as spirits who have not yet let go of their place here. Nicole is also extremely gifted in communicating with other light beings such as Angels and Ascended Masters.  Her gifts also led to her ability to connect with other worldly beings.

As a result of past experiences, Nicole has been intrigued with the study of demonology and the findings of demonologists around the world. It is because of this, that she has often felt called to assist others who have struggled with beings that are not of the light. In sessions with clients, if she senses any energies that are not for her clients’ highest good she will, with the assistance of other light beings, start the process to remove these energies from the morphogenic field surrounding the body to begin the healing process. She uses a similar process for clearing homes of lower vibrational energies and spirits that are ready to transition.

Over the years, Nicole has participated in many investigations in some of the most haunted places in not only Minnesota but throughout the United States. On the weekends she works for a company that hosts haunted tours in the Twin Cities area. She communicates directly with spirits and other beings who reside in those locations using tools and techniques such as EVP recordings, EMF readers, dowsing rods and flashlight communication sessions.

As an Intuitive Practitioner, personal experience has shown Nicole that the paranormal world is reality; however, she takes pride in researching the latest investigation techniques, making contact with and learning from other paranormal professionals and trying to expand the field of paranormal research in a way that combines and balances intuition and scientific evidence.

Nicole is very excited to be part of the MN GhostBox team and hopes that her gifts lead to healing for you and the spirits that have found shelter in your home or location.

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