Here are the highlight spirit box responses to our May 26th Live Facebook Spirit Box session. I think some of these responses are exceptional and I feel they get better as the session goes along. In fact a spirit even says Facebook at one point.  Please listen to all the highlighted clips below because it shows how the session got better as it went along.

The entire Facebook Live video is located at the bottom of this page and also on YouTube.

Equipment used:

Sony Walkman Spirit Box Hack, SB7 Spirit Box, Ovilus IV, Ovilus V, KII, Rempod x 2, and Maglite Flashlight. Audio recorded on a Zoom HRN.

Location: St. Michael, MN


Words from the Ovilus IV this session:


Words from the Ovilus V this session:



Any ideas for corrections can be sent to me at

Spirit Box Highlights from the Hacked Sony Walkman

Get In Here!

One of the first messages to come from this spirit box sounds like a women telling me or someone to get in here!

Left Feet

It’s a very strange way that the two words “Left Feet” are said. Definitely not from a radio.

Can you give me a name please? John

The name name “John” comes through almost as part of a radio broadcast. What do you think?

Should we be preparing for the Rapture? Don’t miss it!

As you will see, on the Ovilus V, the word “Rapture” came through. I asked if we should be preparing for it and what is obviously part of a radio commercial responds “Don’t miss it!” but is it a conicidence, some spirit with a sense of humor or a warning!


A spirit saying “goddamnit” about something or the radio running through to sound like it.


I thought the name Jerry came through one of the Ovilus’ but I was wrong, it came through this spirit box and some one in the chat was asking for Jerry to come through. He did!

Please Help Me!

This is an incredible response. Tonya in chat mentioned that this came through. I didn’t hear it but when you listen, it is said fast but concise. Not from the radio but some woman who wanted to get her message through to us.

Spirit Box Highlights from the SB-7 Spirit Box

So, I am looking for spirits…..Hi!

When I am asking my question, someone breaks through to say hi.


A great response. Listen closely as the N starts a few beats ahead. This response is so defined and floats above the white noise.

How Ya Doing?

Someone asking how I am doing and at the same time the KII goes off.

What airborne? Hundred

I ask the question, as it Memorial Day weekend, what Airborne Parachute group my Dad was in. The answer sounds like 100 which would be incorrect, it was 82nd.

The Ghost of Alvin the Chipmunk

This is really odd. Listen to how sped up this was. Not a radio signal.

Pray & Demon

When I do these sessions, there are some words I do not like to come through. Back to back, I get “Pray” and then the word “Demon” comes through. This overall session had some words I was not thrilled to receive and “Demon” was one of them.


We get names that come through and I don’t remember if there was a Matt at the Facebook chat or perhaps it was a spirit giving his name.


Perhaps a random word but one that comes through so clearly.

Go Away!

It is said really quickly but it sounds like a woman saying it.

Death and A Death

Here are two times the word “Death” comes up right after each other. Once again, not great.

Did you hear “Death” twice? Yeah!

I was asking the chat room if they heard the word “Death” come through twice and the spirit box answers me, “yeah”!


A random word that came through but very clear. Perhaps it was a spirit answering my question of how many spirits are in the room from earlier!

Let’s get off the subject of death. Done!

I ask the spirits for us to get off the subject of death and a spirit responds saying, “done!”.

I’ll kill him and demon

Another not so great message from the spirit box. We hear, “I’ll kill him” and then what appears to say “and demon” but is that what it says? What do you think?

I know!

I female who says, “I know!”. Listen to how her voice lingers a little bit after the “know”. Definitely not radio interference. A wonderful EVP.


Nicole, are you here? I am.

This is interesting. Debi in our chat wanted to know about her friend Nicole. We ask if Nicole is here. The response I here is “I am” and “here” but as two different voices. This is not uncommon for a spirit box response and I think it is really incredible!

Nicole, are you still here with us? Yeah!

I ask if Nicole is still with us and she says yes. The answer isn’t immediate but it comes. Spirits don’t always answer immediately.

Hey People!

I love this! Very clear and makes me think that the spirits know that there were other people tuning into the session via Facebook and one was saying hi to us all.


This next session is interesting. Sue on the chat was asking about Lou or she heard Lou. In these clips, it starts to look like that Lou is my grandfather Lou Kokesh who died before I was born. If it was him, I feel like this answers a lot of questions for me as to why this session went the way it did.

Asking for Lou. She knows.

Sue in the chat is asking about a Lou. The response is, “she knows”.

Say my name? Greg

I ask someone to say my name and my name comes through pretty clearly.

Who’s saying my name? Lou

I wanted to know who was saying my name and the very clear response that came through was “Lou”.

Not my grandpa Lou, right? Hi there!

Once I realized it could be my grandpa I never met, I asked if it was my grandpa and the response I got was “Hi There”.

Not Lou Kokesh? Like it! Yeah!

I ask for clarification and the response was “like it” and “yeah”.

What’s the year?

Perhaps a random spirit who saw we were doing a session came through to wonder what year it was?


The name “Robert” comes through again. You will have noticed it also came through the Ovilus V in this session too. I think my response is funny.

Is that a spirit named Robert? Kind of.

This response is a little troubling for me. The name Robert has been appearing regularly in my sessions since 2014. I ask if Robert is a spirit and the response is “kind of”. What does that mean? It’s vagueness is not great for me and perhaps is a bigger clue to who he is than I thought.


What a great response! We are doing a live session on Facebook and a spirit knows that is what we are doing! This is incredible!

Did you hear that? Yeah and Yeah!

I was so happy to hear “Facebook” come through, I am asking the folks on the chat if they hear that but it is the spirit box who answers twice with “yeah” and “yeah”! Very cool stuff!


I include this because there was an Adam in our chat earlier and his name came through!

Jannie, are you here?

Lisa in the chat asked if we could get a hold of Jannie. She comes through right away with a “yeah” and as you can hear, it takes me by surprise.

What’s that?

Perhaps a spirit or Jannie asking about what something is? Maybe my equipment?

Lisa #1

This is Lisa’s name come through. I can’t help but think it is from Jannie.

Lisa #2

Not as clear as the first one but I believe this is Jannie trying to talk to Lisa again!

Hey Todd!

Was there a Todd in chat? Maybe it’s a spirit talking to another spirit named Todd?


Here are two words that came through. Each word is the same voice saying “Heaven” or “Evan”. What do you think?

Mary Jo 

This is a great name that came through “Mary Jo”. Listen to the end with “Jo” and how it trails off after a while. That would be going across multiple sweeps. A great response!

Full video of the Facebook Live session. The entire Spirit Box session from May 26th 2018:


We were really excited to be talking with Author Barry Strohm​ who wrote the book, “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”, the author channels the actual spirits that lived the events to bring the reader the truth behind 27 of the greatest conspiracies and mysteries of our times. We talked about what he found out when channeling the spirits of some of our most influential figures in history to see what took place in some of the most mysterious conspiracies we have known. Among an hour of extremely interesting conversation, perhaps the most interesting is when Barry spoke about waking up to a Reptilian staring at him. Definitely worth listening to this episode and listening to Barry!

Check out Barry’s site:

Click HERE to listen to our episode with Barry Strohm! Enjoy!

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Hillside Cemetery Father’s Day – June 19th 2016

Just about a year after I lost my Father, I went to Hillside Cemetery to where he was buried and decided to pay my respects at his grave and also do a spirit box session. A lot of my family is buried at Hillside. This short session really does not bring any of them forward but does have some interesting responses and including one that is becoming a quick favorite.

Equipment used:

SB7 Spirit Box. Audio recorded on an Olympus WS-821.

Location: Hillside Cemetery Minneapolis, MN


Any ideas for corrections can be sent to me at or leave a comment below.

Fix it!

This is just a voice that simply says “Fix it”! Short and sweet! A nice and clear response.

Get out! Am I in Danger?

This is the problem, there are some who think it is disrespectful to do a spirit box session in a cemetery. I disagree. That being said, this is a quick female voice who says, “Get out!” I respond “Am I in danger?” which is a silly response as it is clear someone just wants me to leave them alone.

Deal with it!

As I am asking for my Dad to come through and saying how much I miss him, this voice (which may be the same as the “get out” response) tells me to “deal with it”.

I Found it!

Someone saying “I Found it”.

Names Please? Edmund, Mel & Chris

This is a fantastic spirit box response! After I introduce myself in a session to the spirits, I ask if they can give me their names and they clearly did! It is wonderful how 3 names come out with Chris’ breaking up a little and maybe another after that. To me, this is true spirit & living interaction.

Good Boy! Now, Come On! Let’s Go!

This has become one of my new favorite responses! It took me a while to figure out what I think it says. What I feel like is being said is someone saying, “Good Boy! Now come on, let’s go! It’s a cemetery. I am sure people walk through with their dogs. I feel it is an owner talking to his dog. Is it residual?

I’ve had people come up with some alternate ideas of what they think is being said and they could be right. That being said, I am sticking with what I believe is being said. What do you think?


Once again, Robert’s name has come up on the spirit box. It is really interesting how this has constantly occurred since 2014.


Facebook Live Spirit Box Session – May 13th 2018

We dubbed this session, “The Mother’s Day”edition because, well, it happened on Mother’s Day and we all wondered if we could possibly contact our loved ones. Unfortunately, due to operator error (I admit it!) the audio recorder I was using did not record the majority of this session. The audio is intact on the full video which is available at the bottom of the page but that is not as good as my recording to pull out pieces of evidence.

Equipment used:

SB7 Spirit Box, Ovilus IV, KII, and Rempod. Audio recorded on a Zoom HRN.

Location: St. Michael, MN


Words from the Ovilus IV this session:



Any ideas for corrections can be sent to me at

Hold on!

This was the first set of words that cropped up after the recording started again.


Who’s There?

One of our Facebook Participants, Dawn, ask for her Grandma Mary to come through which I did the asking. The response was a woman who asked, “Who’s there?”


I Can Cope

It comes through really fast with a woman who says, “I can cope”. I am trying to get a clean slow down of the file to hear it better.



Just someone who says “people”. Although it may not seem remarkable, it is a two syllable word that goes over multiple channels on the spirit box.



Anyone who knows me or have listened to me do these before knows that Robert’s name comes up on the spirit box with me often. There is a Robert who lives in my house but this may be someone else as the frequency of him showing up is often. Here is also another example. Click HERE for that example.


Can I have your name please – Abel

This is really interesting. You can hear me ask for a name and I get Abel and a last name that I can’t quite get. It sounds like a last name to me and it sounds like both females. Is it the same voice?


Greg Hold On

It’s not super clear but it is my belief that this says “Greg, Hold On”. I’m honestly not one of those guys who hears he name in all the recordings but that’s what I think this is.

Full video of the Facebook Live session. The entire Spirit Box session from May 13th 2018:



MN GhostBox Web Series Episode 3: The Soap Factory!

MN GhostBox – The Soap Factory Investigation Part One: The Soap Factory is such an interesting place. There was confusion on what this location used to be and what was the building used for in its early days. In this episode we explore the origins of the building that became The Soap Factory and why the area around it is so important. We talk to two investigators from The Twin Cities Paranormal Society for stories of the spirits they’ve encountered over the years including some incredible EVPs and recordings. Greg & Nicole investigated The Soap Factory on three separate occasions during 2015 and 2016 for these episodes. They speak with people who have experienced the paranormal often at The Soap Factory. More importantly, Greg & Nicole share a lot of spirit box evidence recorded in the basement of the building which is known for most of The Soap Factory’s paranormal activity.

At the end of this episode, there is a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the second part of this investigation which will be released soon. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

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MN GhostBox Web Series Premiere!!!

MN GhostBox – The Palmer House Investigation Part One:

This investigation took place the night of October 18th ending the morning of October 19th 2015. Greg and Nicole visit The Palmer House hotel to do an investigation. In this episode, they meet Char and Cara as they give the history on the hotel and the background on the rooms Greg and Nicole will be investigating: Annie’s room, Lucy’s Room and the mysterious Snowman room in the basement. After they get the history and background on the hotel, Nicole and Greg begin their investigation in Lucy’s room where they start getting spirit box responses immediately. At the end of this episode, there is a trailer for the second part of this investigation released on April 14th. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

This is MNGhostBox.

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Ep 20MN GhostBox is back into the world of the Paranormal. I was pleased to have Stephen Erkintalo as my guest on for this show. Stephen is the founder of Superior Paranormal out of Florida. Stephen is a very creative person who takes this creativity with him to his investigations. It’s not about fancy gadgets but getting solid evidence. Stephen has a lot of strong views on the current state of the Paranormal field and we had a great conversation. What I liked about our conversation is that although Stephen and I have views on the Paranormal that are different, we could discuss our difference in an intelligent way. 

If you want to listen to previous episodes of MN GhostBox radio, you can do so on or Para-X Radio Page.

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MN GhostBox Web Series Teaser of the Palmer House

It’s here! The MN GhostBox The Palmer House Hotel Teaser! The first episode of MN GhostBox that will be released will feature the beautiful and incredibly active Palmer House. We wanted to share one of the best and most intelligent EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) responses we’ve ever received. This is just a taste of the amazing evidence we got from The Palmer House and will showcase in the full episode coming soon. Take a look to check it out but feel free to ask us questions about what you hear. It’s two distinct voices. Please consider supporting us by sharing this teaser and let other people know about us.

If you missed it, here is the trailer!

Let’s do this! Finally here is the first trailer for the new web series MN GhostBox debuting in early 2016. Please share this trailer with your friends and other folks in the Paranormal community. This series chronicles some of the Paranormal investigations of Intuitive Healer Nicole Haapala and Lead Investigator Greg Bakun using a lot of different devices, especially a spirit box also known as a ghost box. There are five locations this season: The Palmer House, The Soap Factory, PNA Hall, an old Masonic Lodge in Kentucky and a private residence in Strawberry Point Iowa. This trailer gives a little insight into the methodology and respect they have for the locations and the spirits they communicate with every investigation. That is important because, this isn’t our story; this is their story. This is MN GhostBox. Enjoy!

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New Spirit Box Evidence!!!

This is a regular feature that we add spirit box evidence we collect on our investigations. This is evidence from investigations that are not from our web series. These are pretty cool responses, please check them out and there is a lot more evidence on our SPIRIT BOX EVIDENCE page. Enjoy!

Private Residence – November 16th 2015

This was an impromptu session that was done using a Sangean DT-200VX. I really wanted to test it because I just received it from eBay. I feel the responses are a little bit on the shock or intimidation side but I feel that is only because of the location I did the session at that evening. I know this place very well and I think these responses were purposely trying to get a rise out of me.

Go Away!

This is the first response I got out of the spirit box when I turned it on for a session. It is pretty self-explanatory.


How Many Spirit? Million

I ask the question of how many spirits are in the room (a favorite of mine) and I get the response “million” which I actually take to be sarcastic.


Like Right Now!

I ask if there are any spirits in the room right now. The response is “like right now”.



I honestly do not know if there is a spirit response or just radio. It sounds cool and wanted to share. What do you think? The term doesn’t have any relevance to me at least as far as I know.


Then You Go Away

This response “floats” above the radio. It’s oddly phrased.


You Father wants……

This is the sound of a little girl who is speaking a whole sentence from the Sangean. She starts saying “Your Father wants….” and is cut off by my voice. This is an interesting response since my Father passed away in June. I’ve had many things that have happened to me that I feel has come from him. Is this message about him? Once again, I am not in a random location so what is being said here is relevant.


The Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York NY – August 15th 2014

This mansion has been many things through its life. It started off as a home for a British officer and once the Revolutionary War was in full swing, it was the headquarters for General Washington for 3 months. This house eventually became the property of Eliza Jumel. At one point she was the richest woman in America. This investigation was one of the strangest. It was done during the day but got some amazing evidence.

Stop It

This was taken from the kitchen of the house which is located in the basement. This response came a little after we started and I believe this is the voice of Eliza Jumel herself. We got some responses from the staff in the basement but I feel this was Ms. Jumel basically telling me enough is enough.


This is one of my favorites. Robert seemed to have been affected by the investigation the whole afternoon. Just odd feelings and had seen some things. One of the responses that came through just blew me away. It’s an entire sentence that says “Go home Robert.”

Old St. Walburga Cemetery, Rogers MN – July 6th 2014

Found It
While I am walking along in the cemetery, I get an older woman telling me “Found It”. I don’t know what I found but she says it very clearly.