MN GhostBox Web Series Episode 3: The Soap Factory!

MN GhostBox – The Soap Factory Investigation Part One: The Soap Factory is such an interesting place. There was confusion on what this location used to be and what was the building used for in its early days. In this episode we explore the origins of the building that became The Soap Factory and why the area around it is so important. We talk to two investigators from The Twin Cities Paranormal Society for stories of the spirits they’ve encountered over the years including some incredible EVPs and recordings. Greg & Nicole investigated The Soap Factory on three separate occasions during 2015 and 2016 for these episodes. They speak with people who have experienced the paranormal often at The Soap Factory. More importantly, Greg & Nicole share a lot of spirit box evidence recorded in the basement of the building which is known for most of The Soap Factory’s paranormal activity.

At the end of this episode, there is a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the second part of this investigation which will be released soon. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

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MN GhostBox Web Series Premiere!!!

MN GhostBox – The Palmer House Investigation Part One:

This investigation took place the night of October 18th ending the morning of October 19th 2015. Greg and Nicole visit The Palmer House hotel to do an investigation. In this episode, they meet Char and Cara as they give the history on the hotel and the background on the rooms Greg and Nicole will be investigating: Annie’s room, Lucy’s Room and the mysterious Snowman room in the basement. After they get the history and background on the hotel, Nicole and Greg begin their investigation in Lucy’s room where they start getting spirit box responses immediately. At the end of this episode, there is a trailer for the second part of this investigation released on April 14th. Please support us by sharing these episodes with everyone you know and please visit for more info on our group if you need help with a private investigation, a location for the web series or just wanting to see some of the evidence we have captured. Enjoy!

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Ep 20MN GhostBox is back into the world of the Paranormal. I was pleased to have Stephen Erkintalo as my guest on for this show. Stephen is the founder of Superior Paranormal out of Florida. Stephen is a very creative person who takes this creativity with him to his investigations. It’s not about fancy gadgets but getting solid evidence. Stephen has a lot of strong views on the current state of the Paranormal field and we had a great conversation. What I liked about our conversation is that although Stephen and I have views on the Paranormal that are different, we could discuss our difference in an intelligent way. 

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MN GhostBox Web Series Teaser of the Palmer House

It’s here! The MN GhostBox The Palmer House Hotel Teaser! The first episode of MN GhostBox that will be released will feature the beautiful and incredibly active Palmer House. We wanted to share one of the best and most intelligent EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) responses we’ve ever received. This is just a taste of the amazing evidence we got from The Palmer House and will showcase in the full episode coming soon. Take a look to check it out but feel free to ask us questions about what you hear. It’s two distinct voices. Please consider supporting us by sharing this teaser and let other people know about us.

If you missed it, here is the trailer!

Let’s do this! Finally here is the first trailer for the new web series MN GhostBox debuting in early 2016. Please share this trailer with your friends and other folks in the Paranormal community. This series chronicles some of the Paranormal investigations of Intuitive Healer Nicole Haapala and Lead Investigator Greg Bakun using a lot of different devices, especially a spirit box also known as a ghost box. There are five locations this season: The Palmer House, The Soap Factory, PNA Hall, an old Masonic Lodge in Kentucky and a private residence in Strawberry Point Iowa. This trailer gives a little insight into the methodology and respect they have for the locations and the spirits they communicate with every investigation. That is important because, this isn’t our story; this is their story. This is MN GhostBox. Enjoy!

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New Spirit Box Evidence!!!

This is a regular feature that we add spirit box evidence we collect on our investigations. This is evidence from investigations that are not from our web series. These are pretty cool responses, please check them out and there is a lot more evidence on our SPIRIT BOX EVIDENCE page. Enjoy!

Private Residence – November 16th 2015

This was an impromptu session that was done using a Sangean DT-200VX. I really wanted to test it because I just received it from eBay. I feel the responses are a little bit on the shock or intimidation side but I feel that is only because of the location I did the session at that evening. I know this place very well and I think these responses were purposely trying to get a rise out of me.

Go Away!

This is the first response I got out of the spirit box when I turned it on for a session. It is pretty self-explanatory.


How Many Spirit? Million

I ask the question of how many spirits are in the room (a favorite of mine) and I get the response “million” which I actually take to be sarcastic.


Like Right Now!

I ask if there are any spirits in the room right now. The response is “like right now”.



I honestly do not know if there is a spirit response or just radio. It sounds cool and wanted to share. What do you think? The term doesn’t have any relevance to me at least as far as I know.


Then You Go Away

This response “floats” above the radio. It’s oddly phrased.


You Father wants……

This is the sound of a little girl who is speaking a whole sentence from the Sangean. She starts saying “Your Father wants….” and is cut off by my voice. This is an interesting response since my Father passed away in June. I’ve had many things that have happened to me that I feel has come from him. Is this message about him? Once again, I am not in a random location so what is being said here is relevant.


The Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York NY – August 15th 2014

This mansion has been many things through its life. It started off as a home for a British officer and once the Revolutionary War was in full swing, it was the headquarters for General Washington for 3 months. This house eventually became the property of Eliza Jumel. At one point she was the richest woman in America. This investigation was one of the strangest. It was done during the day but got some amazing evidence.

Stop It

This was taken from the kitchen of the house which is located in the basement. This response came a little after we started and I believe this is the voice of Eliza Jumel herself. We got some responses from the staff in the basement but I feel this was Ms. Jumel basically telling me enough is enough.


This is one of my favorites. Robert seemed to have been affected by the investigation the whole afternoon. Just odd feelings and had seen some things. One of the responses that came through just blew me away. It’s an entire sentence that says “Go home Robert.”

Old St. Walburga Cemetery, Rogers MN – July 6th 2014

Found It
While I am walking along in the cemetery, I get an older woman telling me “Found It”. I don’t know what I found but she says it very clearly.