Episode 15 of GhostBox Radio Is Now Available!

This week we were thrilled to be talking with Sasha Klanott who is Host of Haunted Bourbon ParaCon and Half Past Dead and Founder of Paranormal Dolls. Sasha has been seen on travel channel’s “Legends of Alaska” and is Author of “Liability Of A Paranormal Team”. Sasha speaks at conventions to help educate others what she has and still learns. She believes it is vital to teach correct and new information in order to raise the field as a whole. She is always accompanied by her sweet Service Dog Captain Jack! When not Investigating she is a model and crochets items for Para Plushies her own crochet business and always researching.

Links to her social media channels:

Haunted Burbon

Paranormal Siren

Paranormal Pup

Click HERE to listen to Sasha Klanott! Enjoy!

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