ep-29r1Mike Stevenson is back for another informative visit to MN GhostBox. We had Mike on in January of this year and he wanted to talk about some strange audio sounds and voices encountered during investigation s of late. Mike is a Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher, Audio & Broadcast Engineer, Inventor, Radio Host, and founder of The Paranormal Man Organization.

Mike is a very technical person who is able to easily take the technical complexities and dumb it down to the most basic of concepts. When you are done listening to him, there will be more questions than answers but in this case it’s good because what Mike talks about makes you think.

If you want to listen to previous episodes of MN GhostBox radio, you can do so on or Para-X Radio Page.

To download an MP3 file of this episode, click on this LINK, it will take you to a new page and click the download button.

To see what Mike is up to, please check out the link below:

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