MN GhostBox Web Series Teaser of the Palmer House

It’s here! The MN GhostBox The Palmer House Hotel Teaser! The first episode of MN GhostBox that will be released will feature the beautiful and incredibly active Palmer House. We wanted to share one of the best and most intelligent EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) responses we’ve ever received. This is just a taste of the amazing evidence we got from The Palmer House and will showcase in the full episode coming soon. Take a look to check it out but feel free to ask us questions about what you hear. It’s two distinct voices. Please consider supporting us by sharing this teaser and let other people know about us.

If you missed it, here is the trailer!

Let’s do this! Finally here is the first trailer for the new web series MN GhostBox debuting in early 2016. Please share this trailer with your friends and other folks in the Paranormal community. This series chronicles some of the Paranormal investigations of Intuitive Healer Nicole Haapala and Lead Investigator Greg Bakun using a lot of different devices, especially a spirit box also known as a ghost box. There are five locations this season: The Palmer House, The Soap Factory, PNA Hall, an old Masonic Lodge in Kentucky and a private residence in Strawberry Point Iowa. This trailer gives a little insight into the methodology and respect they have for the locations and the spirits they communicate with every investigation. That is important because, this isn’t our story; this is their story. This is MN GhostBox. Enjoy!

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