Haunted Bellaire House Owner on MN GhostBox Radio Nov. 4th


This Wednesday is an all-new episode of MN GhostBox on Para X Radio​. This week we will talk with Kristin Lee. Kristin is the owner of the incredibly active Bellaire House in Ohio. Kristin has been seen on My Ghost Story. After having renters in the house a little over a year, they couldn’t handle the activity any longer. Those were the longest to have ever stayed. The house is now re-opened for people to investigate for themselves. The house sits on a Leyline- native burial, coal mine, and the Ohio River. People have been pushed down steps, held down to bed, things have moved by themselves, a dog was thrown across the room. The history behind the house is horrible. Kristin will be on the show to tell us what has been happening there.

MN GhostBox is on this Wednesday at 11pm EST/10pm CST/8pm PST on www.para-x.com. Don’t miss it!

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